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TECH NEWS: The quest for reliable and predictable power answered

A South African producer of quality energy storage options since 2015, Solar MD has effectively been stepping up their factory’s production in Cape Town to meet the ever-increasing demand for reliable and predictable power.

2019 closed with their successful delivery of 55MWh’s of high-end, lithium-ion batteries and they now plan to increase their manufacturing facility to reach at least 100MWh in 2020.

“Load-shedding has prompted a surge in orders for our modular units as you can add-on more storage as your need it. Or, as the load-shedding factor increases, so reducing loses and keeping your factory, office park or food production plant open for business,” says Kaloyan.

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Dimov, founder and managing director of Solar MD based in Montegue Gardens.

CSIR recently reported that we should to come to terms with the fact that we will have regular, rolling blackouts for at least 2 to 3 year’s whilst Eskom embarks on much needed maintenance of their ailing fleet as well as rush to bring more capacity online.

“The reality of unserved power could bring our economy to its knees,” Dimov states.

“We simply cannot allow our manufacturing and industrial sectors to suffer further loses which will impact negatively on jobs. Smaller companies and commercial outfits, like shopping centers are also at high risk of losing customers.”

Hence the surge in demand for their locally manufactured goods within South Africa and to regional countries.

Solar MD has stepped up delivery on its containerized option that can be deployed in distant or high hazard and non-grid connected areas to keep operations safe for its workers.

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And, also the companies’ financial viability. They’ve customised options between 600kWh to 1,4MWh in a fully kitted, secure and air-conditioned unit with the functionality of the staff in mind.

Safari lodges in far-off, wild areas were early adopters of off-grid power as there had never been a connection to the grid.

“But, this current lack in supply has brought many more city hotels and guesthouses to enquire on how they can maintain a positive guest experience to the highest levels that is expected of them,” Dimov adds.

Buying locally produced batteries also helps to stimulate South Africa’s economy as Solar MD has proved by already providing upwards of 50 jobs, with more on the horizon as their operation expands.

Business and retailers are able to satisfy their customers even when the power is out which adds motivation to invest in quality storage. A company can then position themself in a highly competitive environment with noiseless, rapidly responsive and neatly packaged unit/s that
would not be out of place in their boardroom.

Government is encouraging privately owned systems by easing regulations and investors are ready to finance these.

Quietly getting on with the job without the regular maintenance of a noisy generator or the repurchase of diesel. Adoption of li-on batteries further supports carbon-reduction targets.

“You’ll be open for business and can minimise your exposure to the rapidly rising cost of peak power tariffs that has seen above inflation increases for the past few decades by load-shifting, impacting positively on your bottom-line,’ Dimov concludes.