MRA Elites 2021

Mining Elites in Africa 2021: Nominations now open

Nominations for the Mining Elites in Africa 2021 publication, produced by Mining Review Africa are now open. Submit your nominations for the leaders and projects truly making a difference in the African mining sector.
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African corporates with ESG credentials well placed to attract global capital

Africa-based ESG-dedicated funds are expected to hold 2.5% to 3% of total equities under management on the JSE.

Effective risk management requires good information

Decision makers and data providers can often fixate on the source and presentation of data rather than its “true worth.

Maximizing production with dynamic maintenance planning and scheduling

Regular maintenance is necessary in order to ensure a mining operation runs smoothly and to decrease risk of unplanned downtime.

Is there an opportunity to build back South Africa’s mining industry?

The mining industry weathered the COVID-19 storm, mostly unscathed, and certainly better than many other sectors.

The science of addressing climate change risks in mining

Water management is becoming more complex as rainfall patterns in many areas start to change in frequency and intensity.

ESG in the spotlight at AMF 2020

Mining companies’ environment, social and governance (ESG) policies are coming under more scrutiny by investors.
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Anglo American adds low emission fleet to global shipping operations

LNG marine fuel offers environmental advantages over heavy fuel oil – the most widely used fuel by vessels operating along sea trade routes.

Sustainability: mining for a low carbon future

The webinar will address, “how can Africa benefit from an increasing demand while managing the mining sector in a sustainable manner?”

Newmont commits to industry-leading climate targets

Newmont Corporation has committed to an industry-leading climate targets of 30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, with an ultimate goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

ESG and ethical investment: How to manage the risk more effectively

"The requirement for credible and verifiable data-based situational information across the mining sector is going to increase." -

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