Nafasi Water – a technology and utility service company – has formally unveiled the new name, new identity and new owners.

Formerly known as Aveng Water – the new entity is beginning a new chapter of sustained growth following a successful acquisition by Infinity Partners earlier this year from the Aveng Group of companies.

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Nafasi is a leader in acid mine drainage currently operating three mine water treatment plants in Mpumalanga. 

The company also operates the largest sea water desalination in Erongo – Swakopmund, Namibia.

Nafasi’s executive and management boasts a team of seasoned and notable industry veterans who have helped create a new strategic direction for the company.

This new chapter is one that continues on Nafasi’s high quality service, long-time trusted solutions and expertise in water reclamation and desalination technology. 

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Having treated and reclaimed over 160 billion liters of mine water, and 86 billion liters of sea water to potable quality – this clearly illustrates Nafasi’s commitment and response to the water scarcity challenges in Africa through innovation and strategic partnerships. 

The company’s focus on partnerships is done with the understanding that water for industrial and domestic use is of vital importance for African economies to thrive and the well-being of her citizens.

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Nafasi’s CEO – Suzie Nkambule says:

“The relationships with our clients and partners have always been and continue to be pivotal to our success, as such we have had a smooth transition across our operations.”

“Our desalination operations in both Namibia and South Africa continue to operate optimally, supplying water for industry and households each day.

“We still maintain our reclamation capacity for AMD in excess of 60 mega-litres in our current active operations, including the highly toxic acid mine drainage in the coal fields of Mpumalanga.

“Our safety and environmental standards remain among the best in our field. The change in our business has served to enable us to focus our core business and overall sector with committed shareholders,” emphasises Nkambule 

“Our goal is to grow our base of operational assets that deliver reliable services to industry and the public.

“Given the state of the South African economy, the prioritisation of water as an economic enabler and strategic sector for investment and job creation – through this partner-centric approach, we are working with all the key stakeholders to develop impactful projects and a broader industry framework for growth,” concludes Nkambule.

Water scarcity in Southern Africa is increasing at alarming rates for both industrial use and communities.

Therefore, Nafasi will continue to focus on formulating practical sustainable interventions for the company to be a value adding partner and to improve water security in the region.

Nafasi is committed to becoming a strategic player by consistently investing in innovative methods geared at addressing challenges that lead to conservation and repurposing, which will benefit many Africans.