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Coal mine pit lakes: A viable mine closure option?

There are more than 110 coal mine pit lakes in South Africa, at both active and closed/abandoned mines says GCS Water and Environmental Consultants.

Mining sector should take note of environmental legislation developments

In order to keep up with the moving target of environmental legislation, the South African mining industry needs to keep their pencils sharp.
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Water costs, impacts of coal-fired power grossly underestimated

Mining coal and burning it in power stations uses large amounts of water, and pollutes even more of the precious resource.
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Mintek and Unisa partner for 3D imaging facility

Mintek and Unisa’s College of Science, Engineering and Technology are proud to announce their joint acquisition of a 3D X-ray microscopy system.

Top 5 tips to control water management

The current global demand for water is at the level of 4,500 billion m³ a year and is expected to rise to 6,900 billion m³ by 2030.
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Elites 2019 nominations: Its the final countdown

Nominations for Elites 2019 is approaching the finish line and is an opportunity to showcase your company, or your client and your achievements to the global mining industry!

Revision of National Environmental Management Laws Amendment Bill tabled

On 19 June 2018,revised National Environmental Management Laws Amendment Bill, version "B" was tabled. The requirements to provide for financial provisioning for rehabilitation, apply only to applicants for environmental authorisations operating in the mining and oil and gas industries.
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The role of gold in climate change

Gold production processes use high levels of energy to take finished gold to market. Gold also has a higher greenhouse emission intensity per ton of product compared to other bulk metals.
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CSMI enhances sustainability focus at Wits Mining Institute

Wits University's Centre for Sustainability in Mining and Industry has joined forces with the Wits Mining Institute to take forward the university’s research and development for 21st century mining.

MCSA and SA Water Affairs conclude water project

The Department of Water and Sanitation and the Minerals Council South Africa have successfully reached a significant milestone in a collaborative exercise on water conservation and water demand management aimed at driving water saving and usage improvements in the mining industry.

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