Managing water risks – on site and in catchment

Drought and other water-related risks have in recent years threatened the sustainability of South African businesses.
Southern Africa mining legacy

Toxic mining legacies still haunt the Southern African mining industry

The human and environmental impacts of historic mining operations still linger today with many mining-affected communities impacted by the negligence and misconduct of historic mining activities.

Mines show willingness to adopt green energy, where feasible

Companies in Africa believe that a priority for driving sustainability in the sector is increased renewable utilisation.

VIDEO: Treating process water for suitable environmental discharge

A gold operation in Mali has invested in a water treatment plant that purifies treated process water to a level suitable for discharge.

Barrick shareholders approve $750 million return of capital distribution

Barrick is well on its way to becoming the industry’s most valued company, not least in ESG, which has become a key investment criterion.

ESG in action: Tanzania shows the way

"We are encouraged by the progress in our social licence to operate in Tanzania and transforming moribund mines."

Biodiversity action plans protect ecosystems and promote conservation

Barrick has implemented biodiversity action plans at all its operational sites to manage their impact on sensitive ecosystems.

Mineral commodity traders not sufficiently managing ESG risks

A study into ESG due diligence in the extractive commodity trading sector has revealed that while corporate commitments on ESG issues are relatively widespread, these commitments are rarely shown to be translated into systematic measures.

More upfront work now needed on water use licence applications

“The DWS is following the global trend towards the sound engineering of all existing and proposed structures." - Jacky Burke

Eurasian Resources establishes ESG committee

It will serve as the principal decision-making body in relation to the Group's policies, accountability and an analysis of ERG’s projects.

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