As part of its contribution towards managing water resources sustainably and equitably, SRK Consulting will be hosting a ‘Water for the Future’ webinar on 24 March 2021 at 12 noon South African time (GMT+2).

“With a third of people in Africa reportedly still without access to clean, safe water, the aim of this webinar is to address our water situation through a robust water management system which will build resilience against increasing demand on limited water resources,” said SRK Consulting principal scientist Avril Owens, who will present the webinar.

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“People are severely impacted in sub-Saharan Africa due to diseases caused by poor sanitation, poor hygiene and contaminated water.”

SRK Consulting principal scientist
Avril Owens

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Aimed at policy makers, regulators, water management practitioners and water users, this ‘Water for the Future’ webinar will consider current water challenges and highlight sustainable and equitable solutions for managing water resources.  

“Effective water management needs a tailored water management plan, with pragmatic actions to address current on-the-ground challenges and develop and sustain the system,” said Owens.

“This plan must in turn be based on validated information, as well as sufficient human and financial resources, so that it can be implemented and kept relevant.”

The webinar’s scope will include the common water management issues faced by practitioners and key water management planning tools. It will also unpack the essential obstacles to implementation, and explore integrated approaches to management planning. 

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