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AMR pilot for water and gas meters

Batesville Water & Gas, a municipality utility provider in Indiana, USA, has installed the SpeedRead AMR system in 100 of its residential and commercial customers’ premises. SpeedRead transmitters are able to monitor both water and gas meters simultaneously, and provide individual data streams for each. Seventy percent of the meters being tested are gas meters and located above-ground, but many of the water meters in the test are pit-set; buried in a plastic pit through which the customer’s service line passes. 

SpeedRead uses a proprietary high-powered radio transmitter that employs a FCC-licensed frequency. The system can read any meter – important in the Batesville pilot, because the utility has active pulse water meters, retrofitted conventional gas meters, and encoded meters that must be monitored. It estimates that a full deployment to its 5,200 customers will require a capital outlay of under $80 per customer, including labour and installation costs. Once the pilot study has been completed and the results analysed, there will be a city-wide phase-in over the next three years.