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Taking an active approach in Nigeria

Exclusive interview with Darryn Scheepers, head of Africa at BARRON, a returning gold sponsor at the upcoming Nigeria Mining Week taking place in October in Abuja.

Can we start with some background on and history of BARRON, and particularly in Nigeria, and your role at the organisation?

Switch Your Brand ON is Africa’s largest and market leading supplier of imprintable Apparel, Work Wear, Promotional Gifts and Display Items.

We’re the BRAND-ABLE Solutions Business, offering a wide variety of canvasses and solutions that support and build brands.

We are inspired by innovation and creativity, and use that inspiration to make memorable products. 

AFC “proud to support Nigeria’s mining industry”

Founded in 1990 employing over 1,000 employees, and occupying 22,500 m² / 240,000 ft² of high rise warehouse and distribution, and including a world-class in-house branding facility covering 7,500 m² / 80,000 ft².

We have an extensive offering of six product categories which caters for a wide range of brand-owner needs. Our deep inventory holding of over 15 million pieces on hand and 22,000 SKUs developed in-house, are locally and globally sourced.

BARRON is a Trade-Only business and has over 10,000 active distributors, with sales and distribution centres throughout South Africa, and branches and representation in Southern, Central, East and West Africa. BARRON is jointly owned by leading private equity shareholders and management.

BARRON entered Nigeria a few years back through resellers, however in late 2017 we took an active approach with leading reseller partners, which have a footprint in Nigeria. 

My role as Head of Africa is to stabilise and grow our market presence in Southern Africa, whilst at the same time expanding our footprint into the rest of the African continent.

To ensure this strategic objective is achieved, growing our resource and support base internally and externally, and upskilling the members of the African team are essential. 

What projects in the mining industry in Nigeria that you are involved in are you particularly excited about at the moment?

Due to the nature of the product offering that we provide, we are not involved any particular projects, as our approach is to support mining houses and brand owners with brand identity and awareness campaigns, by using our multiple product solution offerings as a vehicles, through our Brand-Able product categories, Work Wear and PPE.

You have been a partner of Nigeria Mining Week for a few years now, what has been your experience so far? Why did BARRON decide to return to Nigeria Mining Forum as a sponsor? 

BARRON has chosen to join the Nigeria Mining Forum as a sponsor, in order to continuously create awareness of the BARRON brand, and what BARRON can provide as a valuable solutions provider to Mining companies and the industry, that are looking to elevate their brands through the many product mediums available by BARRON. Additional to this is product solutions such as our wide range of PPE and Work Wear items, High Visibility and Apparel ranges.

You have also been a partner at Kenya Mining Forum and now the East & Central Africa Mining Forum in Kigali in October. How important is this region for BARRON?

BARRON entered Eastern and Central Africa a few years back through authorised resellers, which combined, serve these regions.

What will be your message at the event this year?

BARRON is excited to introduce to the 4th Annual Nigeria Mining Week its BRAND-ABLE Solutions Business to mining blue chip organisations, with platforms offering a wide variety of canvasses and solutions that support and build their brands by assisting them to Switch their Brands ON.

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Annemarie Roodbol is a communications practitioner based in Cape Town.