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Exciting new features ahead at 5th edition of Mauritanides

Mauritanides, the largest and only biennial mining and energy conference and exhibition held in Mauritania since 2010, returns to Nouakchott from 11-13 December 2018. More than 1500 attendees are expected to converge once again in Nouakchott for this flagship showcase.
This event, a major fixture in the global mining and energy trade event calendar, will continue to shine the spotlight on Mauritania’s vast minerals and energy wealth. Mauritanides is supported at the highest level by the Mauritania government and key government leaders including the President, Prime Minister and Minister for Petroleum, Energy and Mines have graced past events.

New for 2018
The 5th edition of Mauritanides will take on a revamped look with the following brand-new features:

  • New logo
  • New website: www.mauritanidesmr.com
  • New event venue – Al Mourabitoune International Convention Centre, the latest conference venue built in Nouakchott
  • New event organiser – Spire Events (Singapore), a dynamic events company which conceptualised and held numerous Mining Investment and MiningTech Conferences across the globe since 2015

Top 3 reasons to be a part of Mauritanides 2018

1. Strong top-level government support

  • “Mauritanides has the strongest support from the Ministry of Petroleum, Energy and Mines, Mauritania as the platform to bring global industry players to our country and showcase the mineral and energy resources abundant here in Mauritania. We look forward to working with our new event organiser, Spire Events, for a successful Mauritanides 2018.” – Mohamed Abdel Vetah, Minister for Petroleum, Energy and Mines, Mauritania
    Supported by:

2. The only platform in Mauritania to connect with key industry and government decision makers

  • “Since its inception in 2010, Mauritanides has been the event to connect key industry and government decision makers in Mauritania and it will continue to be the preferred platform for years to come.” – Ahmed Taleb Mohamed, Technical Advisor in charge of Mines, Ministry of Petroleum, Energy and Mines, Mauritania and Chair of the inaugural Mauritanides Conference and Exhibition

3. Experienced global events organiser with profound understanding of mining and energy sector, especially within Africa

  • “Spire Events is honoured to be selected by the Ministry as the new organiser for Mauritanides 2018 and we will tap on our extensive global expertise to deliver a fresh, revamped Mauritanides experience for all attendees.” – Daniel Radziszewski, Managing Director, Spire Events (Singapore)

Background on Mauritanides Conference and Exhibition
Mauritanides is the largest mining and energy conference in Mauritania and is fully supported by the Ministry of Petroleum, Energy and Mines. Key industry players who are currently in Mauritania or looking to enter the Mauritania resources and energy sector have always been a part of this major event. Recent 2016 sponsors include Kinross Gold Corporation, Algold Resources, National Industrial and Mining Company (SNIM), Mauritanian Copper Mines and Kosmos Energy. Enquiries for Mauritanides 2018 can be sent to Mahesh.babu@spire-events.com

Background on Spire Events
Spire Events is a Singapore based events company that has conceptualised and organised the global Mining Investment Conference Series since 2015. From the inaugural Mining Investment Asia Conference in Singapore, the series has expanded to its current line-up of 14 Mining Investment Conferences across Asia, Europe, Middle East, North and Latin America and Africa. Spire Events also launched a new MiningTech Conference Series in 2018 to focus on the role of technology in mining. The first event, MiningTech South America was successfully launched in Santiago, Chile in June and will continue in Australia and South Africa for 2018. The full calendar of all Spire Events conferences can be found at www.spire-events.com