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Funding Africa mining projects

At a time when Africa is experiencing a decline in mining investment, the continuous slump in commodity prices is causing investors to be reluctant to fund new projects. Experts however are still encouraging investment and forecasting growth in the industry.

Investors have adopted different measures of assessing bankable projects and their ROI. For many investors, it is a case of developing stronger portfolios that will guarantee returns even in an economic climate that leaves nothing to chance. As a result, willingness to invest in exploration and mining projects has waned considerably.

Mining companies on the other end, have started to explore different management strategies in order to reduce operational and non-operational costs. The restructuring process is additionally aimed at improving their profiles in order to retain stocks value and attract new investment. Their ultimate goal is to prove to investors, despite their conservative margin forecasts, they will recover from cyclical lows through a combination of commodity prices performing above expectations and improving company cost structures.

The question remains, how should mining companies tailor their portfolios to assure a continuous flow of production and exploration that will satisfy potential investors? How will investors assess the right time to invest in mining projects?

There’s a compelling business case for why global and local investors should consider the African continent as an important trade and investment destination. Mining Resources believes this is the time for increased exposure.

Miners and Investors Exchange, taking place in Johannesburg on 25 November 2015, will bring together mining companies and investment houses for a match making session where companies will be showcasing their mining projects to secure funding. Through company spotlight presentations, investors will get the opportunity to hear directly from mining companies about their projects, their strategy, their management and their case for investment.

Furthermore, the event provides an environment that is conducive to networking where business relationships can be forged and where the future of the mining economy can be secured.

Bookings are now open: info@miningresources.co.za