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INERMA: International Energy Raw Materials and Energy Summit in Turkey

INERMA will focus on energy from the perspective of mining and raw materials used in energy generation

INERMA (International Energy Raw Materials and Energy Summit 2015) will be held in Istanbul Hilton Bosphorus Convention Center between 1 and 3 October 2015. Organized with collaboration of Istanbul Technical University, Foreign Mining Development Foundation and Clarion Events Turkey, INERMA energy summit will bring together the ministries, government institutions, NGOs, public and private sector enterprises as well as universities to discuss the current and future issues, projects, opportunities related to mining and energy in and around Turkey.

INERMA is supported by

  • Ministry of Energy and Natural Sources of Republic of Turkey,
  • Istanbul Technical University (ITU),
  • Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Energy Institute,
  • Istanbul Technical University (ITU) 
  • Faculty of Mines,
  • Turkish Natural Gas Distributors’ Union Association,
  • Coal Producers Association and
  • Electricity Distribution Services Association

While some of the participants include public institutions such as;

  • MIGEM (Mining Affairs General Directorate),
  • TPAO (Turkey Petroleum Corporation),
  • DSI (General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works),
  • EGC (Electricity Generation Co. Inc.),
  • EPDK (Republic of Turkey Energy Market Authority),
  • BOTAS (Petroleum Pipeline Corporation),
  • GAZBIR (Natural Gas Distribution Companies Association),
  • BOTAS (Pipeline Petroleum Transport Joint Stock Company),
  • BOREN (National Boron Research Institute),
  • MTA (General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration),
  • TTK (Turkey Hard Coal Authority) and
  • General Directorate of Enterprises ETİMADEN.

INERMA energy summit will bring together senior representatives from the super majors, the smaller independents and energy companies with executives in the power, utility and renewable sectors; together with policy makers, economists and academics to discuss and debate the future of the energy business.

The main sponsors of this three days event are

  • Turkey Coal Enterprises,
  • Ciner Group,
  • Cengiz Energy,
  • Ercan Corporate Group,

While other sponsors are

  • Imbat Mining,
  • Çoban Yıldızı Electric Manufacturing Co.,
  • Yeni Çeltek Coal and Mining Co.,
  • KİAŞ (Coal Mines Inc.),
  • Çelikler Holding,
  • İpek Natural Energy Resources Research and Production Co.,
  • Koza Gold Operations Inc. and
  • Koza Anadolu Metal Mining Enterprises Inc.

For further information on the detailed program, please visit the website www.inerma.com .