8946325663LATAM Mining Security Summit 2016 is a carefully designed event that will bring together the leading stakeholders in the mining sector on an exclusive and candid platform, where they will discuss cutting edge technologies in mining security to take the industry forward.

The inaugural edition of the conference will be held from March 10-11, 2016 in Bogota, Colombia. Mining Security has been the major pain point for the industry and it’s imperative to understand the security issues, challenges and threats the mining industry is currently facing. The industry must overcome significant obstacles especially in terms of physical & investor security in order to tap into economic potential and to propel foreign investment. Furthermore, inadequate governance and political uncertainty has allowed for security vacuities in the region which are being exploited and giving rise to various security issues like constant risk of attacks to the infrastructure, kidnapping of workers, extortion and theft etc.

LATAM Mining Security Summit 2016 will bring together the regions mining companies, investors, policy makers, and technology & service providers, mining experts to get a clear view of the market and help the industry meet both existing and future mining security challenges. The programme will discuss strategies for converging physical security and technology to safeguard assets, dealing with illegal mining, implementation of new security technologies, advances in technological solutions, cyber hacking, and maximizing profitability and productivity, risk and crisis management etc.

The two day conference- an exclusive platform for the LATAM mining security industry will witness power-packed presentations, case studies, one on one business meetings, active networking sessions and interactive discussions between stakeholders, government authorities and solution providers etc. to take the industry forward.

The conference is being organized by Information Exchange Group (IXG). IXG is an organization dedicated to providing platforms for Technical and Industrial Information Exchange. The main driving force that fuels their mission is the purpose of bridging the gaps that arise as a result of evolving market trends and technological upgrades. The group works through a range of event formats enabling the exchange of knowledge in an effectual manner.


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