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Innovative latching relays from GRUNER

Latching relays are key components in energy management applications such as tariff switching, load shedding and prepayment. GRUNER has shipped more than 30 million latching relays, and many manufacturers of energy management equipment choose GRUNER relays.

Prepayment applications call for stringent performance requirements on the part of latching relays. Overload conditions, tamper resistance, contact resistance and endurance in harsh environments are the main factors.

The GRUNER 700 series represents the most comprehensive range of latching relays currently available. The current rating covers 8 Amp up to 200 Amp in single-pole, two-pole and three-pole versions. Coil voltages and bus bars configuration can be standard or customer-specific.

The GRUNER latching relays are characterised by the following main features:

  • The contact design withstands short time overload without welding the contacts.
  • The driving and actuating system allows for switching into short circuit conditions.
  • The rotary H-armature system is shock and vibration resistant. It provides good tamper protection.
  • Good product design; the GRUNER active test system and 100% test are the guarantee of a highly reliable product.

GRUNER relays have a minimum contact resistance. GRUNER does not use series contacts, which can lead to an increase in contact resistance. The power dissipation increases and as a result, the equipment heats up. The GRUNER single phase relays rated higher than 100A and relays for polyphase applications (2 and 3 pole) are equipped with two parallel contacts to reduce the overall contact resistance.

GRUNER relays comply with international standards. Any GRUNER latching relay represents an innovative, state-of-the-art product, with a high performance-to-price-ratio.