“KCC is committed to the socio-economic development of the DRC and we integrate strategies for a sustainable development within all our activities”

Gustave-NzengExclusive interview with Gustave Nzeng, Chairman of Kamoto Copper Company (KCC)  – KCC is the diamond sponsor for both iPAD DRC Mining & Infrastructure Indaba in Kinshasa and Katanga Mining Week in Lubumbashi, taking place in October.

What makes KCC competitive and what would you say is the most exciting project for you right now?  
Located the  Katanga Province, KCC has one of the largest copper resources in the world. The current production could reach a tremendous potential of 300,000 tonnes of copper per year and 30,000 tonnes of cobalt per year by 2015.
KCC has a major partnership agreement with SNEL through the FRIPT project for the development of energy supply from the INGA 2 dam (Groups 27 and 28) and Dam Nzilo. The company is engaged in the socio-economic development of the DRC and we integrate strategies for a sustainable development in all its activities.

In your opinion, whatare the main challenges for the mining sector in the DRC?

  1. Legal framework: new mining code needs to bring a balanced and favourable tax regime.
  2. Energy mix: reducing the current energy deficit by the rehabilitation of existing power infrastructure and the creation of new sources of energy.
  3. Transport: routes (railways, for example) for the transport of mineral products from Katanga merchants to transit points to major buying countries.

What is your vision for the industry?
The industry needs to integrate refineries destinated to the mining products and enhance the creation of processing plants on site in the DRC.

What surprises you about the mining sector?  
The mining industry contribute is constantly in evolution, and attracts a considerable number of investors in the region.

Why did you decide to partner with iPAD?
iPAD gives te opportunity for key decision-makers to share their reflections and strategies to boost the mining sector

What will be your message at the upcoming iPAD events in Kinshasa and Katanga?
iPAD is the mining platform in the DRC, enhancing us to reflect together on the development of the mining sector.