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K-type meter upgrades

Figure 1

Brooks Utility Products Group has developed a line of low profile K4 and K7 conversion kits and accessories, allowing for modern upgrades. K-Type meters were practical when utilities had 400 and 600 amp metering, but did not want the additional equipment required to use socket-style meters. This provided little flexibility for meter upgrades, new services and main-tenance, however, and the K-Base conversion products have been introduced to solve these problems.

The new products are designed to convert K-Base enclosures to accept socket-type meters, allowing utilities to switch to new metering technology such as AMR, to eliminate shop and on-site K-Type meter testing and reduce inventory costs. They include the low profile K4 and K7 conversion adapters, K7 to current transformer kit, K4 and K7 safety shield, K7 safety jumper and K-Base socket cover gasket.