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Looking at challenges in the marketing and development of fossil fuels

Shovelling coalSouthern Africa hosts most of the continent’s largest coal and potential hydrocarbon resources, making it the key focus of the Fossil Fuel Foundation’s Non-Renewable Resources Conference on 12 March 2015 in Johannesburg.

This event seeks to provide a forum for all parties interested in developing the coal resources of Southern Africa in the most innovative, technically suitable, cost effective and environmentally sound manner.

Coal can provide the region with much needed energy in the form of electricity and carbon-based liquid, gaseous and solid carbon-based chemicals, and all this at a far lower cost than materials imported from abroad.  Such products would include products for the food, agriculture and metallurgical industries, to name but a few.

However, the nature of the Gondwana type coal and the forms of conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon resources have to be taken into account when considering the technologies employed to use them.

The conference will consider the following topics:

  • The Big Debate – (i) export primary products or (ii) process high-value secondary products for export
  • Update on resources and reserves of coal and conventional/unconventional hydrocarbon resources
  • The current prospecting licence legislations and processes – do they need a review to accommodate these changes.
  • Coal qualities and characteristics
  • Beneficiation and separation into marketable products
  • Power generation – large and smaller scale opportunities
  • Coal-to-liquids, gas and chemical products
  • Metallurgical carbon-based products
  • Marketing Southern Africa’s energy and carbon-based products
  • Environmental issues – land, air and water: future legislation and its impacts
  • Socio-economic development and sustainable energy in Southern Africa and the region
  • Financial aspects

For more information, contact Michelle Stegen on +27 11 483 1861/2 or by emailing events@rca.co.za.

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