Mining safety hardhatsThe 2010 Chilean mine cave-in and eventual rescue of the 33 miners, generated fresh questions for Risk Managers in mining companies regarding safety issues in the mining sector. The question as to how we effectively monitor and maintain safety compliance issues in current mining operations is as relevant today as it was to global mining safety stakeholders in 2010 following the Chilean mine disaster.

Can we truly build mines even safer today and in the future? Do we have proven safety procedures for handling accidents? Are we meeting safety compliance standards to pre-empt or even mitigate incidents?  What about labour relations and legislative issues?

The Mining Safety Compliance Masterclass 2015, running from 23 – 24 April 2015 at Hackle Brooke Conference Center, Johannesburg, will address these critical questions, considering that mining executives are under pressure to aggressively expand exploration and production to meet global demand for energy and precious minerals, particularly after the shortfall created by the protracted South African mining labour strikes of 2012.

The eventual fallout of those strikes led to the Marikana massacre in which 34 miners lost their lives. Till date, that disaster has tainted the mining industry in this country. This Masterclass therefore looks at critical aspects of health and safety of miners, and how to relate these to labour relations and corporate compliance in order to avert mass casualty incidents or environmental damage that could impact negatively on the image and ROI of mining companies.

Benefits & Outcome

This Masterclass aims to bring together key players in the mining health & safety, risk management, labour relations and compliance management sectors to exchange insightful knowledge and learn how to:

  • Precisely identify and implement timely safety hazard analysis
  • Create a risk profile that spells out the risks and the organization’s capacity to counter those risks
  • Set up effective fire fighting strategies and underground fire response plan
  • Establish clear personnel duties, responsibilities and shift rotations
  • Clearly define mining methods and material transportation methods
  • Engage management on labour legislation requirements
  • Understand the legislative rights of mine workers
  • Appraise the Mining Charter vis-à-vis SLP

For more information, contact Mujoka Habanyana on 011 455 5184/ 011 794 5556 or

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