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Mining industry turnaround is needed for growth and progress in 2015

Underground miningThe new mining environment in South Africa and Africa is all about entrepreneurial flair and fast reaction to volatile commodity markets. According to Johan Theron of Deloitte Consulting, these new-generation miners want flexible, scalable and affordable back-office support.

He posits that this new entrepreneurial drive, particularly in South Africa, is consequent on the black economic empowerment initiative which strives at spreading South Africa’s economic wealth more broadly through the birth of many junior miners and new mining ventures.

This changing mining landscape, he believes, is driving the emergence of a new breed of entrepreneurial miners.

However this new spirit of African mining entrepreneurship comes at a time when the global mining industry is experiencing some volatility. There is the constantly increasing energy demand, the fluctuating precious metals prices, pressing security and labour issues, and of course fundamental social and environmental responsibilities to contend with.

Africa, as the most mineral-rich continent on earth, is looked to globally as the resource base for solving these growing issues. But with the Ebola ravages in West Africa, political uncertainties in Central and Eastern Africa, and labour issues in South Africa, the possibility of solving these issues seem so farfetched.

Yet African mining stakeholders must forge ahead to turn around the industry through effective and efficient, yet sustainable processes that will see rapid growth and progress despite these volatile times.

To achieve these, mining executives and key players must initiate radical innovative strategies and employ new technology solutions that will practically revolutionize the industry and take it to the next level of entrepreneurial excellence.

The Underground Mining Africa 2015: The Masterclass from 9 -10 March 2015 at the Hackle Brooke Conference Centre in Johannesburg will bring together key mining industry executives from all over the continent to deliberate on and overcome these current challenges.

This Masterclass will explore security and risk assessment in volatile times, energy efficient mining concerns, as well as mine automation and underground technologies and trackless equipments to help achieve particular product targets, efficiency and productivity excellence.

Attendees will also discuss the future of the African mining industry and share best practices for growth through sustainable operations and environmental considerations. The event agenda offers opportunities for critical exchanges through engaging Keynote Presentations, Interactive Discussion Sessions and Analytic-Q&A Sessions

Benefits & Outcome

Underground Mining Africa 2015: the Masterclass will bring together key mining industry stakeholders from all over the continent to deliberate on:

  • Security & Risk Assessment in volatile times
  • Upgrading mine automation technologies
  • The future of the African Mining Industry
  • Providing energy efficient mining methods
  • Exploring new technologies in the Mining Sector
  • Achieving growth sustainability while reducing environmental damage
  • Establishing mining operations best practices and employee health & safety
  • Initiating cost reduction mechanisms and Value-add strategies for operational efficiency

For more information, contact David Thobejane by emailing david@melrosetraining.co.za

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