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Nigeria Mining Week is a crucial event

George Apostolopoulos, MD, HMD Mining

Exclusive interview with George Apostolopoulos, Managing Director of HMD Mining, gold sponsor of the upcoming Nigeria Mining Week in Abuja in October.

Let’s start with some background on HMD Mining and your current business interests on the continent, and in Nigeria in particular.

Our company was created after several successes of dealing with reliable and premium machinery for the Mining Industries of West Africa, initially done through HMD Africa.

After evolving into an international machinery dealership, HMD Africa has been regularly playing an integral role since early 2000 in the building of West African infrastructure. 

With the expansion of its client base and scope of work, and in order to have a fully dedicated team exclusively serving the Mining Industry, a decision was taken to create a separate company (today HMD Mining) and to partner with one of the major players in the field, Epiroc, in parallel with other premium brands.

Nigeria’s mining industry is showing good signs of recovery and potential for the future. With the commitment of the Nigerian Government to transform it, the sector falls within a well-defined regulatory structure that is supported by active professional bodies and agencies. This is clearly an opportunity for us to be part of this positive momentum not only to serve this sector but also to be part of the development of Nigeria’s economy as a whole.

Why the decision to partner with Nigeria Mining Week?

We believe that the Nigeria Mining Week is a crucial event that gives us the opportunity to meet and dialogue with key players of the mining industry whether to identify trends or to enhance our network.

Moreover, we want to proudly announce our new founded partnership with Epiroc, the leading global productivity partner for the mining and infrastructure industries that has cutting-edge technology and products serving industry segments like surface mining and quarrying, water well drilling, exploration and underground mining.

What will be your message at Nigeria Mining Week in October?

To all the miners in Nigeria, we are experts in your industry, let us help you! 

From consulting services to providing you with the adequate fleet with excellent after sales support, we help you attain your business objectives in the most efficient way.

What are you most looking forward to in Abuja in October?

We are excited to be a gold sponsor at the event and show that HMD Mining is an integral player in the Nigerian mining industry, especially since we are also the exclusive sponsors of the B2B Matchmaking area.

Anything you would like to add?

Our team of experts will be present at our booth 101, ready to answer all your questions. Do not hesitate to enquire.

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