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Untapped mining opportunities in Rwanda

Fabrice Kayihura, MD, Ngali Mining Ltd

Exclusive interview with Mr Fabrice Kayihura, Managing Director of Ngali Mining Ltd, a bronze sponsor at the upcoming East & Central Africa Mining Forum in Kigali in October.

Let’s start with some background on NGALI MINING LTD, your products and the industries you serve?

Ngali Mining Limited (NML) is a Rwandan registered company with a mission to transform the extractive sector in Rwanda by maximizing value addition through exploiting strategic minerals, processing and offering exploration services.

NML‘s vision is to be the leading player in the extractive industry across the region. NML owns four concessions for further exploration and extraction of gold and amethyst. Detailed exploration activities are planned to acquire more concessions for 3Ts and gemstones.

NML also offers exploration services to the industry particularly drilling services, geoscientific & geophysics survey among others.

NML current projects & products:
– Mining of amethyst
– Exploratory mining of gold
– Exploration/Drilling services
– Jewelry industry (still reviewing the business plan) 

Any specific projects in the mining sector that NGALI MINING LTD is involved in currently that you are particularly excited about at the moment?

At NML, we are generally excited about all ongoing projects because all of them are at their starting phase and we are keen to embrace any new technology, partnership and venture.

Tell us more about your business interests in the East & Central African regions. And in Africa at large?

At NML, we are interested in partnering with other industry players in the region and Africa at large. The focus would mainly be on sharing knowledge and experience and take advantage of existing tapped and untapped business opportunities.

We see the region and Africa at large as a market where to supply our products and services but also a market where we can source products and services we need.

How important is sustainability, responsible mining and eco-friendly practices on the ground for the company?

At NML, we believe in conducting businesses with sustainability in mind. Mineral resources are not renewable and while exploiting them, one should ensure the environment is preserved and new business opportunities are created out of proceeds from the minerals trade to sustain the economy.

There is an investment allocated to environmental protection at all our mining sites and NML has got an environment specialist hired on a permanent basis to supervise if environmental regulations are followed during the mining operations.

How excited are you about the mining opportunities in Rwanda and the region?

We believe mining opportunities in Rwanda and the region are not yet fully tapped and there is still room for developing more business opportunities.

What advice would you give a prospective investor in this sector in the region?

The investor needs to be committed in taking a mining opportunity through all the stages; from the exploration to resource estimation and mining production. There is also a need to include value addition.

What is your vision for mining in East Africa?

NML strives to offer excellent exploration services and undertake efficient mining operations to mark its footsteps in the East Africa mining industry.

Why the decision to partner with the East & Central Africa Mining Forum in October?

We believe participating in the East & Central Africa Mining Forum will be a good opportunity 1. To learn the status of the industry in the region and 2. To meet and networking with other players in the region and Africa.

What will be your message at the event?

The main message will be the motto of the mining forum, which is “Bringing strategic investment to increase value addition, trade and mineral exports in the region”.

What are you most looking forward to in Kigali in October?

Learning from the industry, networking and marketing NML products and services

Anything else you would like to add?

The integration of the East Africa region and Africa at large will highly facilitate the expansion of mining businesses.

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Annemarie Roodbol is a communications practitioner based in Cape Town.