Brian Menell,
Chairman & CEO, TechMet Ltd

Exclusive interview with Brian Menell, Chairman & CEO of TechMet Limited, United Kingdom. At the upcoming East & Central Africa Mining Forum, TechMet is a bronze sponsor and Mr Menell is a panellist in the conference session on “Financing mining projects in East & Central Africa.”

Let’s start with some background on TechMet Ltd, your products and services and the industries you serve?

TechMet is a private company in which we are building a portfolio of projects that either produce, process or recycle the battery and EV metals where we see maximum dislocation between exponential growth in demand and inefficient scalability of supply, and where China dominates the supply pipeline.

Any specific projects in the mining sector that TechMet Ltd is involved in currently that you are particularly excited about at the moment? 

Our Li-ion battery recycling company has developed a process that is the foremost process in the world for the recycling of all chemistries and formats of Li-ion batteries. The potential of this industry is enormous. All of our projects, however, including our interests in Rwanda have extremely exciting outlooks.

Tell us more about your business interests in the East & Central African regions. And in Africa at large? 

Through Tinco we have an interest in the Rutongo Tin Mines and Nyakabingo Tungsten Mine in Rwanda. These are the biggest commercial Tin and Tungsten producers in the country. We are preparing for an extensive expansion and development program to substantially increase the scale of these operations. We also have an interest in Rare Earths producing mine in Burundi. Our other projects are in North and South America.

How important is sustainability, responsible mining and eco-friendly practices on the ground for the company? 

Social and environmental impact governance standards, and building the capacity to implement sustainable ESG programs is at the heart of TechMet’s mission.

How excited are you about the mining opportunities in Rwanda and the region?

Rwanda and the region are important sources of many of the technology metals that are essential building blocks of the energy and mobility revolution.

What advice would you give a prospective investor in this sector in the region?

Don’t allow administrative delays and challenges to undermine long term commitment to building partnerships.

What is your vision for mining in East Africa? 

Much more investment is needed to unlock the great potential of this region. We are committed to be part of this engagement in putting Rwanda and the region at the heart of world production for strategic materials.

Why the decision to partner with the East & Central Africa Mining Forum in October?

It of great importance to promote dialogue and showcase to the world the potential of the region.

You are part of the programme and panellist in a session on “Financing mining projects in East & Central Africa – Governance of Africa’s mineral resources: Shedding light on the challenges of state and private investors partnership” – can you give us a preview of what your message will be at the event? 

Private sector capital needs to find the right way to partner with local interests and with host governments to create a sustainable model of investment.

What are you most looking forward to in Kigali in October? 

Meeting other industry participants and sharing experiences and insights.


Brian Menell is the Chairman and CEO of TechMet Limited, an integrated producer, processor and recycler of strategic technology metals. TechMet is a private company controlled by Brian Menell with operations in Africa, South America, North America and Europe.

Brian Menell is also a principal and the CEO of the Kemet Group. Kemet is a private group which invests in and manages a range of natural resource projects in East, Central and West Africa, ranging from base metals and gold, to forestry, agri-industry and renewable energy.  The group also advises certain African governments on Resource Policy and strategic transactions. 

Brian serves as the CEO of Tinco Investments Ltd, an integrated Tin and Tungsten producer with projects in Rwanda. He is a former Principal and Executive Director of Anglovaal Mining (AVMIN) with extensive Base Metal, Precious Metal and Ferrous Metal interests across Southern Africa, and a former Director of Anglovaal Ltd, a diversified industrial and mining holding company.  

Prior to taking up his role in Anglovaal, Brian spent eight years with the De Beers Group, Anglovaal’s partner in South Africa’s largest diamond mine, Venetia. Over the last 25 years, he has been a participant in mining and exploration, oil and gas, energy infrastructure, and agri-industry projects in 19 African Countries.  He is also the Founder and Chairman of Sallfort Partners, a part of the Sallfort Privatbank group, providing Swiss private banking, asset management and advisory services to HNW and UHNW African and other emerging market clients.