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Volumetric water meter with a unique design

Actaris, global manufacturer of electricity, gas, water and heat metering and systems, has launched the Aquadis+ – a new volumetric water meter with a unique and innovative design. Resulting from three years of development and laboratory tests, leading to several registered patents, the Aquadis+ combines a robust and compact design with outstanding accuracy.

Aquadis+ is designed to be adapted to any operational and water conditions while maintaining exceptional long-term metrological performance. Highly engineered and low density materials, associated with an innovative design of the measuring chamber, ensure a balanced operation of piston in all installations and in any position. The meter meets the requirements of the European Measuring Instrument Directive which comes into effect next year.

The high-end copper can mineral glass register developed by Actaris is implemented on the Aquadis+, offering long-term water tightness and easy readability. The register retains full communication capability through Cyble© technology and is ready for automated remote reading through the Actaris RF module.