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About Sahel and West Africa Mining 2018

Date: 8-9 May 2018

Location: London, UK


Welcome to Sahel and West Africa Mining, International Conference and Exhibition on Mining and Minerals in the Western and Sahelian Countries of Africa.

Held in London, the global centre of mining and mine finance, this landmark event will showcase the outstanding mining potential of West Africa and the Sahel to a global audience of institutional investors, Multinational Miners and Leading Technology Providers.

Western Africa has surpassed Southern Africa as the continent’s mining hub. Numerous new mining projects are being developed across the region, particularly in Ghana, Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Practically all West African countries have recorded significant growth in production driven by investments in new mines. The potential returns for investors in Western Africa are highly significant, where large areas have not been systematically exploited.

Why Sahel and West Africa Mining?

  • In recent years the mining industry in West Africa has enjoyed intensified investor interest and an acceleration in FDI inflows, yet a number of highly prospective areas remain under-explored.
  • Governments are seeking to expand their mining and mineral industries and encourage further exploration and project development. Recent legislative changes are designed to attract FDI and encourage greater mining investment.
  • Increased exploration has resulted in a number of young and economically viable projects. More licenses have been issued across the region than ever before.

Who Attends?

Mining -Focused Investors Mining Companies Government Service Providers
Africa-Focused Funds Explorers Ministers Mining Technology
Mining-Focused Managers Project Developers Director Generals Geological Research
Sovereign Wealth Funds Producing Mines Heads of Geological Survey Investment Banks
Development Finance Institutions Multinational Mining Corporations Senior Advisors Law Firms
Family Offices Industrial Minerals Heads of Investment Business Consulting