Xcalibur Airborne Geophysics

Xcalibur Airborne Geophysics specialises in ultra-high-resolution airborne geophysics and offers a diverse range of services. 

All surveys that the company undertakes fly at altitudes varying between 30 m and 50 m above ground level. The closer to the ground the survey is flown, the higher the resolution of the geophysical data and the more information available to geologists.

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According to MD Simon Bosch, airborne geophysics maps sub surface geology with great accuracy and precision and provide geoscientists with the information they need to discover new mineral ore bodies.

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“We fly magnetic and radiometric surveys with Air Tractor aircraft which is purpose built for low level flying and offering superior endurance, terrain following abilities and safety characteristics compared to other survey aircraft in operation today,” he adds.

Vertically integrated company

Xcalibur’s aircraft of choice is the Air Tractor AT-502B (AT5T), fitted with the time proven Pratt & Whitney PT6-34 engine. This rugged aircraft and reliable engine combination greatly enhances safety.

Designed for ease of operation and maneuverability at heights of 3 m above the ground during crop dusting operation, it easily handles the more relaxed heights required for aerial surveys.

Xcalibur also offers electromagnetic surveys with an extensively modified Air Tractor AT 502 B model aircraft which allows us to operate from extremely remote locations and fly electromagnetic surveys in inaccessible areas.

The fixed-wing electromagnetic system with its superior endurance affords huge flexibility in operations and does not suffer from the logistical constrains that helicopter electromagnetic systems suffer.

In addition, its two PAC 750 aircraft fly conventional airborne gravity surveys mostly for the oil and gas industry. “Our intimate knowledge of Africa enables us to provide efficient and costs effective surveys,” explains Bosch.

“Xcalibur is a vertically integrated company – we own, operate and maintain the aircraft and geophysical equipment necessary to collect geophysical data, and we process and interpret all the data in-house.

“We are dully licensed by the South African Department of Transport and Civil Aviation to operate and maintain aircraft for survey operations across the globe.”

In conclusion, Xcalibur’s pilots are all highly experienced with low level flying ratings and exclusively perform survey flying, making them extremely competent in their field.

“The pilots at Xcalibur undertake regular flight training and safety procedures drills which enforces our safety culture. Our geophysicists are specialists in the various geophysical techniques we offer with unique insight in Africa geology.

“The combination of experience, competency, efficiency and safe operations makes Xcalibur the most compelling options for airborne surveys on the continent and further afield,” concludes Bosch.