Sovereign Metals’ Malawi footprint poised to see global dominance

Sovereign’s expanding rutile footprint in Malawi could prove to be one of the world’s most significant sources.

IAMGOLD begins exploration programme at Senala gold project

“Oriole remains free carried throughout this work, allows funds to be dedicated to our own exploration in Cameroon". - Tim Livesey

GoviEx mining license in Zambia re-instated

"We look forward to advancing and deepening our long-term and mutually beneficial relationship with the Republic of Zambia.”

Webinar RECORDING: Emerging juniors in the DRC

Join DRC Mining Week, in collaboration with Mining Review Africa and Africa Mining Forum, as we uncover the investment opportunities in the DRC and highlight the key junior mining projects shaping the industry for the next generation.
pensana rare earths

Good news for Ionic Rare Earths’ Makuutu

The project could become a sustainable, long-life, low capital development cost supplying critical rare earth oxide to global markets.

Integration unlocks value

Barrick’s 10-year plan has been bolstered by advances in resource replacement and prospect development during the first quarter of the year.

Streaming and royalties in mining: Let the music play on

The streaming-and-royalty business model provides exposure to commodities while minimizing many risks as well as offering diversification.

What mining projects have your attention?

Randgold previously called the area in which the Tendao lies ‘the world’s hottest gold exploration ground. What's happened since then?

Karoo deep drilling: Geo-environmental baseline research project

The CGS is developing a geo-environmental baseline model which will influence requirements for shale gas exploration.

Webinar TODAY: Are Ghana’s prospects being impacted by limited power?

It seems Ghana and South Africa have a few things in common – mature mining industries and very unreliable power supply from their state-owned electricity providers.

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