Gawler Australia Meeting

The Gawler Challenge is calling on the world’s geologists, data scientists and innovators to help unlock the exploration potential of South Australia’s resource-rich Gawler region.

The innovative competition, run by the South Australian Government in partnership with open innovation platform Unearthed Solution, features a A$250,000 prize pool.

To launch next month, ExploreSA: The Gawler Challenge invites data specialists to interrogate world class open-file datasets to uncover mineral discoveries in a state rich in copper, gold, uranium, zinc and iron ore within the Gawler Craton.

Minister for Energy and Mining Dan van Holst Pellekaan said the worldwide competition throws an international spotlight on South Australia’s huge mineral resource opportunities and the quality data compiled by the world recognised Geological Survey of South Australia.

“The South Australian Government is fully committed to maximising the immense benefits for our state which exist within the Gawler Craton region, where we have just completed the world’s largest airborne geophysical survey, offering exciting new datasets for innovators and industry alike,” said Minister van Holst Pellekaan. 

“We intend to harness local and international expertise, innovation and technology for the benefit of our state’s regional development and economy as a whole.”

Unearthed Solution Director Justin Strharsky said ExploreSA: The Gawler Challenge gives the world’s leading innovators a rare opportunity to put their skills into practice and identify untapped resources for new mineral discoveries.

“In a world where mineral and metal deposits are becoming increasingly difficult to find, South Australia is incredibly endowed with resources.

“Unearthed Solution is the largest community of innovators helping the resources sector dig deeper, we connect big players in the sector, to a community with the digital skills they need to solve big challenges,” said Strharsky.

“Using the Department for Energy and Mining’s wealth of historical records, data, and research, the competition offers the chance to combine geological expertise with new mathematical, machine learning and artificial intelligence to accelerate mineral discovery in the mineral rich Gawler Craton.”

South Australia is a major contributor to Australia’s mineral exports, and the Gawler Craton hosts significant resources such as Olympic Dam, one of the world’s largest copper deposits.

“All mineral targets generated during this state-of-the-art challenge from the Department for Mining and Energy’s extensive open-file data will be made publicly available, to further incentivise companies to undertake exploration of new deposits in the Gawler,” added Unearthed Solution Industry Lead Holly Bridgwater.

The challenge will give entrants five months to search through a range of data sets including geophysics, geology and topography, to produce new mineral exploration targets.

ExploreSA: The Gawler Challenge will run from March 2 to July 31 2020. To register your interest, visit