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Mining industry’s first AI expert user group

IntelliSense.io, has launched its Next Generation Mining Technology Expert User Group, to help mining professionals gain significant digital skills.

The Expert User Group will be trained on these technologies and will become an advocate of the benefits in combining human and machine intelligence and to guide further development in this area.

IntelliSense.io is known globally as the leader in delivering Optimisation as a Service applications through their AI powered real time decision making platform for mine automation – brains.app.

Over the past four years they have developed a completely new approach to integrate human and machine intelligence with a stated goal to “make everyone an expert”.

Their portfolio of applications have been deployed at mining majors covering the Mine to Market value chain.

Having successfully deployed AI powered applications at mine operations, they are now unveiling these applications globally through their upcoming release ‘brains.app Atacamite ‘18’.

Sam G. Bose, CEO and Founder of IntelliSense.io says, “We all know about the digitisation trends that are prominent in the industry, but in order to leverage it we need to train an entire generation of miners on these modern technologies.

“Our vision of next generation automation technologies consists of decision support tools that help humans to make better strategic decisions, while automating the daily decision making.

“It is not enough to talk about digitisation, we need to put our money where our mouth is. To really help the industry adapt, we have created this “Expert User Group” and will be training them free of charge. ”

As well as a four part online training series, members of the Expert User Group will get a first look at the upcoming brains.app Atacamite ‘18 release.

They will be able to discuss it with the people who developed the technology, interact with them and learn first hand the functionality of the models, virtual sensors and data.

Due to the hands-on nature of this training, IntelliSense.io have limited the group to a first come first serve basis.