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Statistics show massive decline in mine employees in South Africa

The report covers the results of a census conducted in 2019 and provides stats on production, finances, employment, and exports and imports.


Labour market figures: South Africa stagnates around a new all-time low

“The current decline reminds us of the the financial crisis of 2008/9, where South Africa never fully recovered to its pre-crisis state."
Gem Diamonds

Will lab-grown outsparkle natural diamonds?

Companies are under increasing scrutiny by investors who demand that their operations are carried out in an environmentally sustainable.
Marvel Gold

Mali’s roadmap for peace has laudable goals: but it doesn’t go far enough

Prior to the military coup in 2012, Mali was praised for its transition to democracy in West Africa. That is no longer the case.

China eyes Afghanistan’s mineral wealth

Shamaila Khan from AllianceBernstein: The Taliban has emerged with resources that are a “very dangerous proposition for the world.”

Don’t cut corners: Always insist on OEM chute systems

An OEM chute system will save money and reduce production downtime in the long run highlights Weba Chutes Systems.
green economy

ESG funding comes to Africa

What makes sustainability-linked bonds attractive is potential they offer for favourable terms if the borrower meets ESG requirements.