Experts are looking for solutions in order to fight unemployment in Africa. Even though the ‘magic recipe’ has not yet been discovered, MD Services Sarl has noticed significant advances in social progress through companies’ implementation of organizational structures engaged in activities that can make a difference.

According to the founder of MD Services Sarl, Didi Mudogo, the best way to change the unemployment course is to take a problem head-on and make the necessary effort to solve it.

He quotes mathematician Henri Poincaré: “A problem well-posed is a problem half solved”.

This article first appeared in Mining Review Africa, Edition 4 2018

From this context the company has evaluated how best to ensure that the mass of unemployed workers have access to stable and sustainable jobs in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

“In other words, how to connect companies adequately with human resources, the multiple needs of the economic world with the proper obligation to improve humankind,” explains Mudogo.

The company was created for this purpose in 2005 under the guidance of Mudogo, specializing in outsourcing and management of human resources.

“A practical and customized solution for staff management remains the motto of the company to this day,” comments Mudogo.

Servicing various sectors

The company has built a solid reputation and has become the key player to a growing number of companies in different sectors: mining, agriculture, cement, oil, logistics and other sectors.

Mudogo points out that due to the high services quality, the company has a proven track record in recruiting and managing local, national and expatriate staff for the satisfaction of partners and employees.

He adds that this allows the company to be trusted by its rigorous and demanding partners which are promoters of large-scale projects in the various sectors.

“Our business is not only the “connection” between companies and the population. Its mission is to target the needs and specificities of a given sector, develop profiles, select skills and train staff accordingly.

For this purpose, the company has formed partnerships with world-renowned companies specialised in training and building staff capacity to act as a powerful tool for its clients,” he comments.

The company also offers its expertise and knowledge of business sector, through its advisory and investor support activities.

With representative offices in Kampala (Uganda) and in Johannesburg (South Africa), the company operates throughout the DRC, valuing local know-how, to create and sustain employment in disadvantaged areas of the country.

“The company stands out, for all these reasons, as ‘the’ privileged partner to investors wishing to set up business in the DRC and in other African countries tomorrow. Beyond its solid expertise and its database, credibility as well as the reliability of its services, all this ensures the smooth running of business processes and negotiations,” highlights Mudogo.

In addition, he notes that as a result of the company’s innovative nature of strategies and the effectiveness of its approach methods, the company was awarded “Best Outsourcing Company and HR Manager of the Year 2015 – 2016” during DRC Mining Week.

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