SRG Graphite (SRG) has received its Environmental Conformity Certificate from the government of Guinea for its Lola graphite project.

Guinea – This certificate is the only environmental and social permit required to move forward with the construction of the project. With this certificate in hand, SRG is now in a position to file for its mining license, another crucial permit required for construction.  

SRG worked with Montreal-based EEM Sustainable Management and Guinean firms Sylvatrop Consulting, a bio-diversity expert, and Guinée Environment Services to produce a study which meets Guinea’s standards and the International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) 2012 edition of the environmental and social performance Standards. 

Adhering to international standards

SRG is partnering with Giovannetti Consultants to develop its resettlement action plan, which will also follow IFC’s 2012 edition of the performance standards, namely PS5 pertaining to land acquisition and resettlement.

While only 150 economic relocations and six physical relocations are expected, a well-detailed resettlement action plan is required to ensure best practices are followed.

With the Environmental Conformity Certificate in hand, SRG now has all the required documents to apply for a mining license from the Ministry of Mines. SRG filed its mining license application on April 1, 2019.

About Lola

The Lola graphite deposit is located approximately 1,000 km south-east of Conakry, the capital of the Republic of Guinea. Its graphite deposit is present at surface over 8.7 kilometers, an average of 370 meters wide.

 The first 20 to 50 metres of the deposit is well weathered (lateralized), freeing graphite flakes from the silicate gangue and thus allowing for easy grinding and optimal recovery of all large and jumbo flakes. Over 50% of the graphite is large flake (and 26% is “jumbo” flake material.