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The weird and wonderful underground mines of the world

On the back of Mining Review Africa’s well-received infographic for the 10 Deepest Underground Mines in the World we have decided to, with your help, highlight unique mining sites around the globe.

Our first of this series is Hashima Island in Japan. The 6,3 ha island, now abandoned, was established in 1887 on top of an undersea coal mine.

Originally published in the Mining Review Africa newsletter 2018/08/28

Coal was first discovered on the island in 1810 and it was inhabited between 1887 to 1974. In 1959 it reached a peak population of 5,259.

Mitsubishi Goshi Kaisha purchased the island in 1890 and began extracting coal. In an impressive feat of engineering four mine shafts were sunk – up to 1 km deep.

It is stated that one of these connected to a neighbouring island. Between 1891 and 1974 around 15.7 Mt of coal was excavated.

If you know of a weird or unusual mining site let us know!