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A wet processing solution for iron designed and delivered by CDE has won two awards simultaneously in Australia and Ireland for exceptional achievement and resource productivity.

In 2017, CDE commissioned two wet processing plants in South Australia to convert an estimated 17 Mt of historic low-grade iron ore overburden waste into high-value product.

With a combined processing power of 950 tph, the two plants are successfully recovering high-quality Fe from over 100-year-old mining waste feed material.

Commissioned for SIMEC Mining, the wet processing plants have been celebrated at two simultaneous award ceremonies.

Unlocking maximum value – saleable tons from iron ore waste

The CDE mining overburden beneficiation project won the coveted Geoscience Ireland Award at the 2019 Engineers Ireland Excellence Awards which took place in Dublin.

The award recognises exceptional achievement in the design and delivery of the project which demonstrated CDE’s significant geoscientific expertise.

While the CDE mining team collected the award in Ireland, colleagues based in Australia attended the 2019 Premier’s Awards in Energy & Mining.

These awards recognise excellence demonstrated by leading resources and energy sector companies and organisations to improve the economic, environmental, health and social wellbeing of South Australian communities.

Here, CDE collected the hotly contested award for Innovation Productivity Improvement which acknowledges the positive contribution the wet processing solution has delivered to the local economy in South Australia.

Since commissioning, it has injected an estimated $25million (AUD) into the local economy and secured important employment opportunities.

Kate McCormick, Mining Sector Executive, CDE, says:

“Our cutting-edge wet processing solution in South Australia is turning what is considered a waste substance into high-value product. These overburden waste resources from the life of mining deposits of century-old mining operations – namely the Iron Monarch, Iron Princess and Iron Baron sites – are being transformed into high-grade iron ore.”

She adds:

“We’re delighted to collect such prestigious awards in recognition the level of innovation required in delivering the project as well as the hugely positive commercial benefits it has delivered for SIMEC Mining and local economy.”

McCormick says the awards are reflective of CDE’s vision is to be the premier solutions provider of wet processing equipment in every country in the world.

“The awards were presented on the very same night almost 10,000 miles apart and reflect the truly global reach and application of CDE’s advanced technological solutions.”

At the 2019 Premier’s Awards SIMEC Mining also received commendation for its innovative approach to dust source identification and monitoring.

Its technological solution sees it utilise LiDAR surveying to identify airborne particles, their source, size and expected path. The data then assists with the development of mitigation measures to reduce the company’s overall dust contribution.