Courtesy: Oxfam

Sawa Mineralshas created and launched a platform that will transform how gold is mined and sourced across Africa and the developing world.

The platform has been designed in such a way that it is easy to buy ethically mined gold from artisans and small scale miners (ASM) across Africa and the developing world.

The name ‘Sawa’ is Swahili for “fine”, “all good” or “no worries”. One of the co-founders Kali Angwa says they settled on the name because it captures the purpose of the platform.

Sawa Minerals is a platform where stakeholders in the gold mining industry are not worried about fraud; where gold buyers are assured of ethically mined gold while miners are assured of decent pay.

The platform will be guided by the principles of fair treatment of the planet, sustainability, conflict-free gold mining, fair pay, and protection of human life.

The ultimate goal of Sawa Minerals is to bring transparency, and ensure that artisans and small-scale miners are part of an inclusive value chain that will transform their livelihoods.

It is a sad reality that small-scale miners in Africa and the rest of the developing world make a huge contribution to the global trade yet they remain poor, exposed to hazards and the constant threat of conflicts.

Sawa Minerals challenges this status quo.

Speaking during the launch in Nairobi, the CTO and Co-founder of Sawa Minerals, Angwa, says artisanal and small-scale miners in developing countries will now have the opportunity to be part of an inclusive platform that respects and puts their needs first.

Angwa saysSawa Minerals is committed to inspiring an ecosystem that will shape the future of ethical mining of gold, one that is free of child labour, where the miners community will work in safe conditions and earn life-sustaining income.

“Artisanal and small-scale mining is an important supplier to key sectors of the global economy including construction, jewelry, and electronics.

For example, if all of the world’s ASM community stopped working today, the world would suffer a shortage of  20% gold, 20% diamond and 80% of global sapphire,” says Angwa.

Sawa Minerals will also play an active role in guiding gold miners to become compliant with their countries’ regulations pertaining to gold trade.

This is one of the measures the venture has put in place to ensure that buyers of gold from Africa engage in transparent trade that is free of worries, once again remaining true to the meaning of Sawa!

Sawa Minerals affirms that organizing the artisans and small-scale gold miners in one inclusive platform will bring many advantages not only to buyers and ASM members but governments as well.

It will enhance governments’ ability to improve earnings from the gold reserves available in their countries and bolster their GDP.