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African Gold delivers on multiple CSR projects

African Gold Group has provided an update on its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects carried out in Q4-2020 as part of its overall Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP).

As a mining company operating in Africa, AGG recognizes its responsibility to adhere to the highest responsible mining standards and is committed to creating sustainable long-term value for all of its stakeholders.

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Danny Callow, Chief Executive Officer of AGG comments:

“We are very proud of the team at Kobada and the scores of volunteers that have assisted us in delivering a number of key projects in the Kobada region.

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“Our alliance and ongoing positive enhancements in and around our mine site reinforce our commitment to the local communities and Mali as a whole.

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“These projects have tackled critical infrastructure and health issues, and even though we are not in construction, have delivered projects costing more than US$50,000 to aid and assist the local communities.

“As we have published in Q4-2020, this forms a very small part of a much more focused, long term Environmental and Social Management Plan which we are in the process of developing.”


  • Rehabilitation of a critical bridge between Samaya and Kobada village to ensure safe passage of personnel, medical supplies, and equipment to the region
  • Rehabilitation of roads and a bridge in Kobada village to allow safe passage of people and vehicles across a previously hazardous route
  • Construction of four main water channels in the Kobada village area to prevent standing pools of water, a breeding ground for malaria and a high risk for an increase for malaria infection
  • Start of repairs on the 8 km Samaya – Kobada road, a critical transport link connecting the local communities