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Aton: 1.33 g/t gold over an interval of 127m at new channel sampling

Aton Resources has provided an update on recent activities at its Rodruin advanced exploration project at its Abu Marawat Concession in eastern of Egypt.

“We are very happy that Rodruin continues to live up to our expectations and these new channel sampling results vindicate our commitment to the second phase drilling programme that will commence in the coming weeks” said Tonno Vahk, Interim CEO.

“These new results again demonstrate the potential and the continuity of the mineralisation outcropping at surface at Rodruin, and further reinforce our interpretation of broad zones of gold mineralisation on the South Ridge which will be amenable to open pit mining. We are also excited at the prospect of being able to drill for the first time the very high grade veins which we sampled in 2017-18, as we continue to push new roads up on to the North Ridge.”