ASX/TSX-listed Cardinal Resources has announced the Water Extract Permits for its Namdini Gold Project in Ghana have been granted by the Ghanaian Water Resources Commission.

Cardinal’s Chief Operating Officer, Dave Anthony states:

“These key permits will enable Cardinal to support the development and operation of the Namdini Gold Project.

“These permits allow for all year‐round water extraction from the White Volta River, as well as boreholes located on the project site.”

Cardinal’s CEO / MD, Archie Koimtsidis states:

“We are extremely grateful to the Water Resources Commission of Ghana and all involved for the approval of our Water Use Permits and ongoing water licences.

“We are enthused with the granting of these critical permits as they are essential to the Namdini Project.

“With these approvals in place, there is clear demonstration of continued support for the project development from the Ghana Government.   

“The Namdini Gold Project is rapidly and successfully moving into its development phase.”