Emesent and Datamine have partnered to further assist mining companies to gain new insights from previously inaccessible areas, in a move that both CEOs agree is a win-win for them and their customers.

“Emesent’s Hovermap technology is the most innovative solution in the industry for collecting detailed information from inaccessible areas, providing a valuable new data source for mapping and analysis,” says Dylan Webb, CEO of Datamine.


“We’re excited to be working with Datamine to unlock new insights for our mining customers,” says Emesent CEO and co-founder Dr Stefan Hrabar.

“This partnership helps us move closer to our vision of a digitally-driven mining ecosystem.”

Emesent, a world-leader in drone autonomy, LiDAR mapping, and data analytics, is founded on over ten years of CSIRO research and has built a reputation for enabling autonomous data capture in the mining, infrastructure, and survey and mapping industries. Its award-winning, flagship product, Hovermap, is a smart mobile scanning unit that provides advanced drone autonomy to map hazardous and GPS-denied environments.

Emesent’s ambition to help mining customers boost productivity and improve outputs has led to this partnership with Datamine.

Datamine is one of the world’s leading providers of technology that allows seamless planning and managing of mining operations. It provides solutions spanning resource modeling, mine planning, operations, and logistics worldwide, including their open pit and underground mining software, Sirovision, for geological and geotechnical mapping and analysis. Like Hovermap, Sirovision also originated from many years of research at CSIRO.

The partnership has ensured the seamless import of Hovermap scans into Sirovision, where users can then identify and map geotechnical structures in the scans. The complete range of geotechnical analysis tools, from wedge detection to slope stability, allows valuable insights to be extracted.

Emesent’s Hovermap allows data to be captured from previously inaccessible areas, including beyond-visual-line-of-sight and in GPS-denied environments such as stopes, ore passes and raises. This provides mining companies access to valuable insights about geotechnical features that weren’t previously possible.

“Hovermap is a fast and safe way to capture 3D data underground for structural mapping,” said Esa Immonen, VP Customer Experience at Datamine.

“It’s a great addition to our solutions that will allow customers to capture more data than ever before.”

Stefan agrees.

“It’s a natural fit as Emesent’s Hovermap enables capturing detailed scans in previously inaccessible areas, while Datamine’s Sirovision allows analysis of the data to derive new geotechnical insights.

“It’s also rewarding to see these two technologies which have their origins in CSIRO brought together to have an impact in the mining domain.”

Together Emesent and Datamine will be optimising the integration of their products to provide powerful and efficient end-to-end workflows for their customers.

About Emesent

Emesent is a world-leader in drone autonomy, LiDAR mapping, and data analytics. Founded in 2018, Emesent has since built a reputation for delivering high-quality data capture in the mining, infrastructure, survey and mapping industries. Their flagship product, Hovermap, is a smart mobile scanning unit that combines advanced collision avoidance and autonomous flight technologies to map hazardous and GPS-denied environments.

About Datamine

Datamine is the world’s leading provider of technology to seamlessly plan and manage mining operations. With operations in twenty countries, Datamine provides solutions spanning exploration, resource modelling, mine planning, operations, logistics and marketing to over 6,000 companies worldwide. Their implementation, training and advisory services ensure customers receive industry-leading support and leverage full value from their technology investment.