These are the families of Pretty Nkambue, Solomon Nyirenda and Yvonne Mnisi – whose bodies have yet to be recovered after the mine shaft collapsed on 5 February 2016.

This is according to the affected parties who have issued a statement that reads:

“We, the affected families have noted with both anger and disappointment the media statement dated 13 March 2021 by Vantage Goldfields.

We, the affected families of the three miners who have been trapped underground since the tragedy, along with ex-employees, including Royal House representatives, have been camping outside the mine since 14 May 2019. We have done this for the sole reason – this being assistance to locate our loved ones. We have been crying out for help for more than five years.

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We are disappointed and confused and find it difficult to understand what AMCU said in its statement whereby it stated it is supporting Vantage Goldfields. It must be remembered that Vantage Goldfields is responsible for causing the death and disappearance of our loved ones. In addition it was found guilty by the Department of Minerals and Energy of criminal negligence in 2017.

How can AMCU support these evil people that have shown no remorse and have done nothing for us in the last five years? Our loved ones can’t speak for themselves and we speak for them. We expected AMCU to engage with us instead of supporting Vantage.

We have no trust in the BRP and Vantage management and do not believe that they want to open the the mine because they are the same people that have caused our children to be missing for five years, delayed many investors, got a court order preventing the families from praying for their loved ones and sent people to assault us. Vantage and BRP continue to loot these mines and have no regard for the law and will continue to mislead us us and delay the retrieval in which our loved ones are trapped. They know that when the container is retrieved they will be prosecuted – so why would they want to reopen the mine? They are lying.

We are very disappointed that AMCU would support people like this, and abandon us.

If AMCU is representing us as employees – what about Yvonne, Pretty and Solomon? Why are they excluded? Our position is clear because we are in this mess because of Vantage.

We believe that Vantage should be prosecuted as a matter of urgency as it is long overdue/ As law abiding citizens we believe in the law of the country.

We believe AMCU is being unfair to us and we never expected this from a union like AMCU.

Lastly, we appreciate and welcome any formation that can assist us like SSC, EFF and ActionSA as well as individual donors.