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Geologists move away from paper logging to technology based processes

What was once a simple paper-based task has now turned into a more complex technology – based process. Drillhole logging, with printed out basic Excel sheets, has become a thing of the past, and rightly so.

So often geologists are faced with the mundane task of logging data, and usually, they tend to roam the core yard for days. Every operation logs its drillhole data in their own way, and this possesses its individual issues.

Operations will have incomplete or illegible logs, different logs for different people, logging taking too long and not to mention the cost!

We explore common problems and some solutions that may make logging quicker, simpler and more cost-effective. 

Typically logging can vary between people and offices, making it challenging to try input this data into a model or data management system. The industry has standards that need to be adhered to in order to validate your data.

If logs are not documenting or even imposing these standards, you are going to end up with unvalidated data. Paper Logs are the most inefficient way to log data.

Yet, they are commonly used on the African continent. Paper logs also create a considerable amount of errors in the data. There comes a time when we need to ask how important your data is. 

The most valuable asset any mine has is their drillhole data. Not only did it cost an enormous amount to produce but managing, securing, storing and reporting on this data is as essential.  

Most mines battle to get their data back quick enough to make crucial decisions in real-time, with some drillhole logs taking weeks to get imported into their data management system.

Using software that can directly synchronise to your central database through the cloud or an ODBC link help geologists and database administrators get their data when they need it. 

Software like Geobank and Geobank Mobile help streamline the process of logging data in the field, synchronising this data to your data management system and then using this data in your modelling package.

Geobank provides users with confidence in their data, and the ability to store and report on the data you have logged. 

Mining operations need to understand the value of their drillhole data by having the correct technology processes in place as well as the right partnering technology.

This change will create a chain reaction through the mine’s life cycle, assist with making the right decisions at the right time and increasing the life span of your operation. 

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