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Golden Rim Resources announced that it has commenced a major auger drilling programme at its 100% owned Kouri Gold Project in Burkina Faso to systematically test an additional 12.5 km of the gold mineralised shear zone to the southwest of the Banouassi Prospect.

Burkina Faso – This programme represents the first systematic exploration programme at the Kouri gold project (Kouri) outside of Banouassi, where a substantial drilling programme is currently being completed in preparation for a maiden Mineral Resource which is expected to be released in the coming weeks.

The auger programme is expected to comprise around 1,100 holes for approximately 5,500 m.

The auger holes will be drilled predominantly on a 400 m x 50 m pattern, however some infill holes are planned on a 100 m x 25 m pattern over a number of gold anomalies identified from limited previous auger drilling.

The average hole depth is planned for around 5 m, to allow for collection of a bedrock sample to analyse for gold.

“Most of our work to date at Kouri has been concentrated at Banouassi where we have discovered multiple gold lodes over 3.2 km of strike and which will comprise our maiden Mineral Resource,” comments Golden Rim Resources MD Craig Mackay.

“The major regional shear zone that hosts the gold mineralisation at Banouassi extends for a further 12.5 km in our Kouri licence along which only limited historical exploration has been completed.

“We look forward to commencing systematic exploration on the remainder of this highly prospective shear as we believe there is excellent potential to identify further significant gold mineralisation at Kouri in addition to that identified at Banouassi.”

Previously, auger drilling at Kouri has been very effective in identifying zones of bedrock gold mineralisation under the shallow soil cover.

For example, the delineation of a bedrock gold auger anomaly extending for 3.5 km x 300 m at Banouassi, beneath 2 m – 5 m of soil, lead to the discovery of the Guitorga Lodes, which are expected to form the bulk of the maiden Mineral Resource.

Golden Rim Resources has previously conducted limited exploration along the shear zone to the southwest of Banouassi with positive results, suggesting the remainder of the shear zone is also highly prospective for the discovery of extensive zones of gold mineralisation that could potentially be added to the Mineral Resource.

These previous results include:

  • Identification in a detailed ground magnetic survey of a number of extensive, north-east and east-west magnetic structures, similar to those that host significant gold mineralisation at Banouassi. Several of these magnetic structures host active artisanal workings where visible gold mineralisation associated with pyrrhotite has been observed;
  • High grade gold rock chip sample results, including 108 g/t gold and 46.5 g/t gold, and particularly in the vicinity of east-west magnetic structures that have not been drill-tested;
  • Gold anomalous results, up to 1.7 g/t gold and 1.1 g/t gold, from limited auger drilling over areas of artisanal workings and magnetic structures; and
  • Significant RC drilling intercepts such as 11 m at 3.6 g/t gold, 4 m at 9.2 g/t gold and 9 m at 1.3 g/t gold that are associated with magnetic structures, artisanal workings, gold anomalous auger samples and high grade rock chip sample results and are yet to be systematically followed-up.