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Falea shows gold potential

There is a strong potential for gold at the Falea project in Western Mali.

Mali – This is according to TSX-listed GoviEx Uranium who is the project owner. This week the company announced that it has commenced a diamond drill core assay programme on the Birimian-aged metasedimentary, volcanic and intrusive rocks intervals from previous existing diamond drill core completed within the Falea deposit.

The objective of the sampling programme is to investigate the polymetallic and precious metal potential of the deposit below the uranium bearing sandstone unconformity.

The recent gold soil sampling survey, announced in July, highlighted the potential for gold at the project to be present stratigraphically below the uranium deposit. The core sampling programme is focused on advancing and proving this theory.

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Unexplored potential

The previous exploration work conducted before GoviEx acquired the Falea Project had stopped diamond drilling at depths approximately 30 metres into the Birimian as they were targeting the sandstone hosted unconformity itself rather than the precious and base metal potential that is well known to be Birimian hosted, including B2Gold’s Fekola project, IAMGOLD’s Diakha and Siribaya projects and Roscan’s Kandiolé project on trend and along strike. Upon review by GoviEx geologists it was discovered that much of this core was never assayed for precious metal content as previous explorers were primarily interested in the project’s uranium bearing potential. 

The core samples currently being taken will be analysed for gold and multi-elements to assess the potential for gold and other base metal such as copper and silver which are already known to be present within the Falea uranium deposit.