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Let’s explore African solutions for African problems

Ghana and Burkina Faso are constituting a joint technical team to facilitate mining operations for the mutual advancement of both countries.

A Ghanaian government official explained that “the capital flight affecting the countries in the area of mining is disturbing and we must work to solve it”.

Government officials from both countries have explained this collaboration is a prime example of “Africans solving an African problem.”

Another benefit includes young people in the mining of Burkina Faso understudying Ghanaian counterparts.

In response to this announcement Nigeria Mining Week ran a poll on LinkedIn to gauge whether this kind of collaboration would be well received within the West Africa region. The results as listed below – make for interesting reflection.

Mali – 8%
Ivory Coast – 17%
Nigeria – 75%

This week Nigeria Mining Week, DRC Mining Week, Africa Mining Forum and Mining Review Africa are running polls regarding other points of interest in the African mining sector. These include:

  1. Every year Nigeria loses millions of dollars every year to illegal mining. How can the government recoup this revenue?
  2. Is the importance of increased financial inclusion to the growth of the ASM sector in #Africa essential? Or should the State be involved?
  3. Should junior miners in #SouthAfrica consider a JSE listing when raising finance? Or are Toronto Stock Exchange and ASX listings better?
  4. The U.S has reimposed Magnitsky Act sanctions. This could prompt further international action against Gertler. Is this warranted?

Be sure to participate in these polls as they provide a unique insight into the mood of the mining industry in specific time frames in this post-COVID recovery period.