In a modern digital world, customers are continuously looking at ways to improve productivity through digital platforms.

At Loesche, this has been identified and innovative steps have been taken to improve the operation, maintenance, and productivity of the Loesche mill and its related circuit.

This article first appeared in Mining Review Africa Issue 11, 2020
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In today’s technological environment, fully integrated automation systems are an absolute necessity for attaining the high level standards of productivity, efficiency and quality. The application for industrial automation processes is indispensable for the optimum use of complex and fast-changing technologies.

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Through the company’s business unit Loesche Automation, the integrator of state-of-the-art machine technology and intelligent process control, it is able to combine cutting edge machine technology and intelligent process control for optimum and efficient plant operation.

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Within this digital field, the cornerstones of Loesche’s competence include:

  • Customised plant concepts from planning through to commissioning, based on its own experience, paired with customer requirements;
  • Individual solutions to problems with optimised process technology;
  • Efficient solutions through the use of proven and standardised components;
  • Close cooperation with suppliers of rotary kilns to meet the customer’s requirements;
  • Customer service – plant optimisations and advice on further technical developments;
  • Long-term commitment to deliver spare parts; and
  • Certification according to EN ISO 9001:2008.

The company’s more specific automation services include:

  • LM Master – a stand-alone real-time optimisation solution for Loesche Grinding systems;
  • LM Control – an automation solution for standardised software modules for open and closed loop control and visualisation; and
  • LOMA Control- Fail safe PLC – for hot gas generators.

“Loesche offer its customers customised engineering services for process, hardware and software development. These services cover all disciplines ranging from open loop and closed loop control engineering, through the full onsite electrotechnical equipment and down to service, maintenance, and customer training,” says Loesche SA sales and marketing manager Jonathan Smith.

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“To ensure high margins in the face of rising energy costs, manufacturers must develop production methods which are highly efficient, and which achieve the highest values even in the case of short-term opportunities. In the eyes of the industry, the future is to safeguard and sustain economic efficiency, productivity, and a highly trained and efficient workforce,” he continues.

Through market analysis, Loesche has identified that Realtime Control is the ‘way of the future’ and will satisfy all requirements needed.

“Simply put, the Loesche mill and circuit can be monitored constantly and in real time with the LM Master, making small adjustments all the time to ensure productivity, efficiency, and profitability. This is a software that is designed to monitor and control the full process from feed materials to final product storage.”

The company offers further peace of mind, providing its customers with the opportunity to monitor their mill performance offsite using a mobile device or tablet. 

The mill and circuit can be monitored and adjusted remotely giving the operational manager peace of mind when not available at the control room. Through the use of this software, Loesche engineers are also able to login and conduct diagnostics on the mill and circuit remotely as well.

Over and above the benefits outlined already, Smith notes a new offering from Loesche as well – the offering, for large engineering companies and any Loesche customer, to register on a spare parts portal.

“All new mills sold are loaded onto the Loesche spares portal. Our clients can then, through this portal identify parts and drawings to aid in maintenance and spare part ordering. With the amount of parts in a mill and particularly the long lead items, a customers’ needs can be identified and serviced without getting out of his office chair,” Smith concludes.