Milling specialist Loesche South Africa, a subsidiary of Loesche Gmbh, is a dedicated local South African corporate firm which was established in 1975 to service customers in South Africa, as well as bordering countries and eastern Sub Saharan Africa.

The company has made significant inroads into black economic development through focused investment over the last few years.

This article first appeared in Mining Review Africa Issue 7, 2020
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As a German owned business, Loesche is currently investigating investment opportunities via the employment equity investment programme (EEIP), as an alternative option to a black ownership structure.

Here, Loesche is looking at offering operation and management support via the EEIP programme to help BEE-owned companies establish themselves as potential market leaders in South Africa.

The basis of the support will be via business partnership offerings such as assistance with procuring finance, partnered business ownership, operation and management support and training.

While the company subscribes to strong protocols for human capital development for all of its employees, the EEIP represents the company’s commitment to implement specific programmes to fast track the development and growth of BEE or previously disadvantaged employees.

Going above and beyond

“Meeting management control and skills development targets are critical to Loesche and Loesche has further embarked on various skills development programmes, including bursaries and internships, to achieve skills development targets over and above the EEIP programme,” says Jonathan Smith, sales manager at Loesche SA.

Significant contributions are also made to the development of black disabled people, via internship models supported by short courses.

“We honestly believe that our skills programmes should feed new black talent into management positions, and Loesche focuses on assisting existing black employees to achieve higher occupational levels,” Smith highlights.

“Our strict procurement policies have proved to be very effective in achieving our BEE procurement targets, with current supplier and enterprise development projects feeding new black owned businesses into our main supply chain.”

Loesche also takes full cognisance of the need in South Africa to focus on the empowerment of women, especially in the engineering field. 60% of the company’s current BEE investments benefit women directly or indirectly.

“We strive to achieve transformation in the true spirit of the BEE codes, and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. Upliftment of people through support, training and education is the prime objective of Loesche South Africa to enable our people to benefit programme aimed at leading South Africa into a truly transformed future,” Smith concludes.