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Materials handling: The safest of safety solutions

With safety being paramount in the mines, MANITOU has consistently been redefining the benchmark of operational safety in hazardous, combustible and explosive subterranean mining environments.

The company is one of the few materials handling suppliers in the country able to customise its equipment specifically for African mining environments whilst ensuring compliance to the standard safety regulations. This ability, combined with Manitou’s large range of standard solutions, means that the company is able to satisfy most requests.


Manitou has a wide range of mining machines, with the largest in the range being the MHT-X 14350 telescopic handler, with a 35 t capacity and reach of 14 m. It is designed with a renewed emphasis on size for increased productivity in the increasingly heavy-load handling requirements characterising modern heavy mining and industrial applications.

With its enhanced capacity for the handling of large tyre handlers, underground platforms, etc., the MHT-X14350 can perform a wide range of other applications in handling and moving heavy parts and components. The vehicle maintains its handling characteristic in rough, uneven terrain through enhanced frame-levelling ability and high ground clearance.

A key safety benefit of this large telescopic handler is its automatic attachment recognition system which assists the telehandlers in calibrating their weight limits and envelope tolerances.


A complete range of underground attachments ensure that the right tools are available for the job. These quick-hitch attachments include, amongst others, tyre handlers, strut handlers, wheel motor handlers, cable & conveyor belt handlers, specialised height and distance cut-out personnel cages, jibs, buckets, as well as other attachments customised uniquely for mining applications – offering full utilisation of the MANITOU machine.

MANITOU scaler

Inclusive to the MANITOU mining equipment range is the MANITOU scaler which enables operators to scale hard and soft rock from secure areas on its 7 m, 180º rotational turret, either from within its fully-enclosed cab, or from up to 20 m remotely for maximum safety. Combined with a Manitou mine specification telehandler, customers are delivered with a safety compliant, highly productive solution.


Platforms dedicated to underground mining applications make reaching heights simple and safe. Designed to withstand impact, this attachment has reinforced safeguards, allowing up to three people to be accommodated and providing greater safety for operators working on high-risk sites

Beyond machinery

Manitou listens to its customers to best satisfy their expectations and create value with the objective of seeking out the best performance, the greatest ease of use and the highest level of reliability, including when it comes to the total cost of ownership and the product’s second life.

Customers need more than just equipment; they need handling solutions and a partner which will look after the long-term maintenance of their equipment to ensure an extended service life.

With a customer-centric approach, Manitou is able to provide packaged solutions to suit the specific requirements of the customer including full maintenance-leased, demo-stock and short-term rental equipment. Manitou’s comprehensive range of machines are supported nationally with a world-class service and a support network to ensure maximum performance, uptime and productivity.

Through their dealer network and Manitou Centres, experienced maintenance teams are on standby 24/7, 365 days a year. A 95% parts availability over the counter ensures that all units can achieve maximum uptime. Training options (customer site based or Manitou office based) are also available to empower the customer and their operators to get the most out of their Manitou machine in a safe and productive manner. For more information, visit  www.manitou.co.za.   

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