Making an informed decision in the minerals discovery process requires access to reliable information and secure data management, with modern visualisation and workflow sequencing.

These are among the key features of MICROMINE’s new geological data management software release, Geobank 2020, which will be showcased at PDAC in Toronto in March.

Leading mining software solutions provider, MICROMINE, has made significant additions and modifications to its popular software product, which promise to add value to geologists and mining engineers by making data management simpler and more efficient.

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Designed in collaboration with clients and users, Product Strategy Manager, Ian Whitehouse explained Geobank 2020 has been built with many enhancements to provide users with a platform to interact with their geological data using creative intuitive interfaces and customisable forms.

“One of the most highly anticipated features of Geobank 2020 is the new form designer. The form designer streamlines and facilitates business processes and, in turn, increases data management accuracy and efficiency,” Mr. Whitehouse explained.

“The ability to design and build forms also enables users to create intuitive interfaces and rich tools to produce better information.

“It’s about configuring our tools to facilitate our clients’ processes, rather than them having to change their processes to fit our tools.”.

With a new and improved licence manager, Geobank 2020 also gives users access to licence borrowing, activation and transfer functions.

Geobank 2020 has also been configured so those already using the popular software solution can seamlessly operate both new and older versions of Geobank. An independent management tool is in place to ensure the different versions do not interfere with one another.

The latest release also enables data sharing between all of the popular industry file types.

“MICROMINE appreciates most geologists use multiple software solutions and products, so integration has been an important consideration for us and it’s where Geobank 2020 really delivers,” he added.

“Within Geobank 2020, it is possible to pass data parameters to third-party applications in a ready-to-work state. A ‘connector’ has also been included so Geobank 2020 offers full .dat Unicode support.

“In an era where efficiency and productivity go hand-in-hand, system integration will save users time and offer greater data reliability.”

“MICROMINE’s aim was to develop a solution that addresses the industry’s evolving needs and our clients’ feedback,” said Mr. Whitehouse.

“As a result, Geobank 2020 offers a dynamic, efficient and scalable software solution that will help companies of all sizes better record, access, review, integrate and utilise their essential geological data.”

Geobank 2020 will be available in March 2020.

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