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The Minerals Council South Africa has established the Associations Leadership Forum which will serve the needs of association members of the Minerals Council which include ASPASA, the Clay Brick Association and the South African Diamond Producers Organisation (SADPO) which in turn represent a number of small miners.

The purpose of this forum is to enhance collaboration among association members, harnessing internal synergies within the Minerals Council and ultimately amplifying the voice of this distinct group of members within the mining industry.

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“The establishment of this Forum is a significant step forward, as it creates, for the first time, an official voice specifically for the smaller surface miners of South Africa, including artisanal miners, within the ambit of the Minerals Council.

“We operate under unique circumstances, vastly different from those of the rest of the industry. The current legislative and regulatory environment is not conducive to our economic viability and our ability to maintain and create much needed job opportunities,” says Gert van Niekerk, Chairperson of SADPO who has been elected as Chairperson of the Associations Leadership Forum.

“We look forward to working very closely with the Minerals Council, the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy and other stakeholders to ensure an appropriate policy and regulatory environment for small miners.”