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Mining’s role in helping South Africa build back better

It has become standard for us as the mining industry – and business more broadly – to make a case for urgent reforms for South Africa’s present, and future.

This an excerpt from Anglo American CE Mark Cutifani’s keynote address at Joburg Indaba 2020

Sometimes, it feels like we’re repeating the same script, over and over again, anxiously waiting for the change we desperately need.

But there is something about this moment that is different. We are at a crossroads. We can continue on this unsustainable path, or we can seize the day to turn the corner.

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When it comes to South Africa, and its mining industry more particularly, I am ever the optimist. I am aware that there is much chatter at the moment on whether the past decade should be classified as South Africa’s “wasted years”.

And while the past ten years have been less than ideal, we need to set our eyes firmly on the future.

This is why, today, I would like to talk about South Africa’s next decade of promise – how we can turn that into real delivery and how I see the mining industry helping to secure the future of this great nation ‒ for the next decade and beyond – to help South Africa build and grow its way out of this crisis.

So, if we take a step back and discount the noise, we have more reason to believe in the future and success of the mining industry. I believe that the next decade is going to be crucial for the mining industry and South Africa.

We have a unique opportunity to build a modern, inclusive and equitable mining industry: this is South African mining’s great promise. And all of it can be achieved within the next ten years. But we cannot postpone it any longer. Together, we can “build back better”.

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