35-year-old, industrial agitator and mixing specialist, Mixtec, continues to excel as a leader in the industry with inhouse high level agitator designs, extensive R&D, exceptional customer service and specialising in a wide range of impellers expertly matched to its clients’ specifications.

Founded as a family owned and operated business, the company has grown to great strength over the years and still adopts continuous improvement for its product development and technology.

This has always been the core ideology behind the company’s global success as the premium provider of fluid mixing technology.

This article first appeared in Mining Review Africa Issue 1, 2020

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The company prides itself on ensuring efficient designs which are robust and economical and has been involved in various process technology developments.

Advances in impeller technology and design techniques have improved the performance and efficiency during gold leaching, carbon-in-pulp adsorption, biological leaching, cyanide destruction/detox, conditioning, solvent extraction and attrition scrubbing to name a few.

No other industry has benefited more from Mixtec’s ability to refurbish and improve upon existing agitators than mining and refining, producing not only power savings but also increasing the operational life of existing agitators.

The mining industry has many varied process conditions and agitators seldom perform just one simple duty, hence Mixtec makes it its priority to explain and ensure their clients are aware of advantages and limitations of each specialised mixing unit.

This includes new impeller technology and its capabilities in the reduction of the loading of the agitator drive assembly and associated structures. Mixtec also offers full technical and maintenance support to all sites with their efficient after sales service.

Mixtec is the expert in producing various agitators for the largest mining, refining and industrial plants and has successfully designed and commissioned mechanical agitators to operate in tanks larger than 6 000 m³ with mixing systems more than 38 t, impellers manufactured over 7.6 m in diameter and shaft lengths over 21 m. For such applications.

Mixtec’s Series 4 000 heavy duty agitator drives are available in standard models up to 450 kW but can easily be larger when required.

Being pioneers in impeller technology and engineering capabilities, the company continues to invest in future research and development to ensure their products are constantly evaluated for improvements that will enhance processes, efficiency and operations.

This is achieved through its R&D departments as well as trained design, engineering and commissioning personnel who are specialists in fluid handling applications.

Given the wide variety of applications and processes for mixers and agitators, Mixtec offers a wide range of custom configurations which has gleaned over its existence since 1984, resulting in its agitators being employed throughout the world in a host of projects including gold, copper, zinc, lithium, water treatment and phosphate plants, where Mixtec has met and exceeded its clients’ requirements.

Moving forward Mixtec will continue to produce state-of-the-art technology, design and equipment, allowing it to set itself apart from competitors using its specialised capabilities in processing and mixing.