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New monitoring system simplifies intelligence experience

Xylem Africa is excited to announce the launch of the Flygt MAS 801 Pump Monitoring system.

The next generation and new benchmark in monitoring equipment, replacing our popular MAS711 monitoring product, the MAS 801 is a revolution for proactive oversight and management of various pump metrics.

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“The days of manual inspections and reactive maintenance are disappearing,” said Chetan Mistry, Strategy and Marketing Manager for Xylem Africa.

“The maturation of Internet of Things technologies and connectivity has been creating new ways to leverage data for making better system-level choices. Xylem and Flygt’s MAS 711 helped chart that course, and MAS 801 is taking things even further.

“Now our customers can monitor multiple pumps through one MAS 801 unit and make quicker decisions using our improved measurement technologies.

“This means you can monitor more pumps and respond to situations faster, yet save costs at the same time. The MAS 801 again shows that we mean it at Xylem when we say we innovate for water.”

The MAS 801 can monitor up to ten separate pumps from one central unit, communicating with base stations attached to each pump. From a central screen, you can monitor a variety of sensor data, such as fluid level, temperatures on bearing and windings, and vibration. MAS 801 can integrate pump memory and record what happens with the motor, then visualise the data for operators.

“Those monitoring the pumps can see all the measures and trends, particularly helpful for predictive maintenance. MAS 801 can also issue alerts and alarms for prespecified events or conditions.

MAS 801 simplifies the decision intelligence experience. It provides information for system-level choices and recommendations, and can predict optimal pump servicing.

Taking over from the MAS 711, MAS 801 uses existing power chords for easier installation and use. As mentioned above, one MAS 801 unit can now remotely monitor up to 10 different pumps.

All the information is featured on one display, featuring an intuitive user interface that enables operators to drill down into specific data.

MAS 801 supports your station’s evolution into digitisation and demonstrates Flygt’s leadership in pump solutions. It establishes a more proactive approach to station diagnostics, streamlining the maintenance experience – all in a convenient plug-and-play solution that is simple to deploy and integrate with existing pumps.

MAS 801 uses a 24/7 on-site overview of pump data and continuous station health check to detect failures before they can damage station infrastructure.

The benefits of Flygt’s MAS 801 include:

  • Predictable servicing means fewer stoppages and prioritisation of your efforts and time to higher-values activities
  • Optimised maintenance intervals place less wear on components and improve energy efficiencies of the overall system
  • Integrated pump memory for long-term analysis and predictions
  • Better maintained pumps extend their overall lifetime value, require fewer replacements and lead to significant cost savings
  • Expert suggestions at your fingertips help troubleshoot failures for faster system restarts
  • 10 separate warning parameters identify part wear and tear, while additional warnings signify changes in current, temperature, leakage and vibration to further reduce premature shutdowns
  • The Flygt SUBCAB Power Cable eliminates cumbersome signal cables, using screened and twisted lead pairs for improved temperature readings
  • On-demand serial number data and part identification facilitates your inventory and speeds up the replacement of spare parts
  • Monitor up to 10 pumps side-by-side for quick station overview
  • Color HMI touch screen ranging from 7” to 15” provides a more intuitive and accessible user experience
  • Get real-time access to pump data from your online device

Start your journey into a more affordable, sustainable and secure future with the Flygt MAS 801 Pump Monitoring System.

Modernise your station maintenance monitoring and know that you can stop problems such as seizing motors, leaking seals, stator windings short circuit or other issues, before they begin.